2017 - 2018  Oakcrest  Elementary PTA Board
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                       Executive Board:
   President                                                     Jen Aguirre
   President-Elect                                          OPEN
   Treasurer                                                    Jerusha Buckner
   Secretary                                                    Tiffany Green
   Membership VP                                         Christie Hardey
   Legislative VP                                            OPEN

           Commissioners and Chairpersons:

Individual Development Comissioner              OPEN
Reflections Chair                                                   Stacy Haight            
Great Artist Program                                             Becky Evans
Field Day Chair                                                       Summer Andrus
Soaring Eagle                                                         Teresa Crook             
Education   Commissioner                                  OPEN
Book Fairs Rep                                                       Kelly Lewis
Breakfast with Books                                            Christine Kidd
Literacy Night                                                          OPEN
Safety Commissioner                                            OPEN
Community Involvement Commissioner          OPEN
Health Commissioner                                            Kim Mortensen
Hospitality                                                                Erika Lowe
Hospitality                                                                Beverly Wilcox
Teacher Appreciation                                            Kristin Gonzales
Teacher Appreciation                                            Emilee Hulet
Volunteer Coordinator                                          OPEN
Food Drive                                                                Karolyn Nelson
Fundraising Chair                                                  Karolyn Nelson
Fundraising Chair                                                  Tammy Johnson
Public Relations Chair                                          Amie Crawford
Family Life Commissioner                                   OPEN
Health Commissioner                                            OPEN
Student Birthdays                                                  OPEN
Spiritwear Coordinator                                         Jennifer Sorenson
Collections for Education                                    Amanda Parry
Newsletter                                                                Amie Crawford
Melody Choir                                                           Karolyn Nelson
Website Maintenence                                            Stacy Haight

School Representatives

Administrative Representative                  Joel Pullan
Teacher Representatives                            Char Erickson
Teacher Representatives                            Randi Frehner