Dates: Mid-November~~Mid-February/March
Time: 4-5 hours afternoon/evening
Can be divided up if needed.
Help run the 2-day Event in the Fall and
Spring.  Help with set-up and cashiering during
the event...usually in 1-2 hour shifts.

Box Top/Soup Label Drive
Date:Ongoing throughout year
Time:Varies month to month
Process and Submit Labels...Help plan fun
contests and track

Kindergarten Registration
Date: April 2009
Time: 2 hours
Help facilitate Kindergarten Orientation

Green Ribbon Safety Week
Dates: August 2008
Time: As needed.
Bike and Pedestrian Safety activities and

White Ribbon Week
Dates: January 2009
Time: Minimal
Assist with internet safety assembly.

Red Ribbon Week~~Drug Free
Dates: October 2008
Time: As needed
Help with activities, distribute fliers and
red ribbons

Fundraiser Committee
Dates: September & October 2008
Time: As needed
Help distribute fundraiser orders.

Vision and Hearing Screenings
Date: Early fall
Time: 3 hours
Help school nurse with vision and hearing
We are looking for VOLUNTEERS to help with PTA activities during the year. If you would
like to help in any or many of the following areas~~please check the appropriate box(s) on
the form and submit with your contact information.  We know that families can become very
busy~~however we hope this information helps you to determine how you may be able to
create some volunteer time at your child's school. Every little bit helps...even if you can
only help for one event for a short time.  If you are unable to volunteer your time...your PTA
membership still helps us to fund these important activities for all of our children.
Field Day
Date: Spring 2009
Time: Morning or afternoon time slots
Help plan and facilitate fun field day activities
for kids.

Wal-mart Recycling Program
Dates: Throughout the year
Time: Variable & Flexible
Collect and process bags for delivery to

Family Art Night
Date: February 2009
Time: 6-8 p.m.
Help plan and teach family friendly art projects.

Melody Music Program
Dates: As needed
Time: 1 hour before school once a week.
If you can play the piano or lead music
we could use your help.

Cultural Night
Date:  Fall 2008
Time: 6-8 p.m.
Share part of your culture (or one you know
something about) with others. This could
be food, dance, song or art.

Breakfast with Books
Dates:  4 X Throughout the year
Time: 1 hour before school on each date.
Help serve doughnuts and milk. Can do
all dates or just one.

Maturation Night
Date: October 2008
Time: 6-8 p.m.
Help serve and clean up dinner...distribute
hygiene gift bags.

Teacher Appreciation
Date: Varied & then 1 week in April/May
Time: Varied and Flexible
Assemble and distribute teacher gift
bags...Serve refreshments during SEP
conferencing and plan/participate in Teacher
Appreciation Week.