Become a Member of Oakcrest PTA


With your membership contribution of $6.00 per person...the PTA is
able to sponsor important programs like school assemblies and field
trips for our students, as well as providing teachers with needed
classroom supplies.

Demonstrate your commitment to the life of our school by becoming
a member today.
Why You Should Join...

Participating in the PTA is a great way for you to take an active role
in your children’s school. Research shows that children whose
parents are involved in their schools perform better academically
and socially. As a PTA member, you have input into important
decisions: how we spend money, which activities we sponsor, how
we’ll plan for the future. What’s more, being in the PTA helps parents
learn to navigate the school system and network with other families.
How You Help...

By joining the PTA, you are not obligated to perform in any way a
service or give your time.  However, parent participation is one of the
most important resources we have at Oakcrest, and the more
parents get involved, the more we can accomplish. Oakcrest parents
are the primary force behind our Book Fairs, Field Trips, Family
Nights, Reflections, Melody Choir, Emergency Preparedness,
Ribbon Weeks,
and Fundraising efforts.
Many Ways to Participate...

  • Short, one time only tasks, like helping out on specific event Field Day, Hearing Screening, or Book Fairs

  • Weekly Box Top Collection or Melody at the school

  • Longer term, but still limited commitments, like monthly student
    birthdays or supporting a fundraiser with phone calls

  • Long-term commitments, such as filling a position on the PTA
    Executive Board or PTA Board Commissions
Your Membership Counts...

Even if you have no time to give, your membership still matters.

A high membership level by the families sends a powerful message
to the school and the community.  It shows we are a community
committed to our children and their education.

Your donation is an important contribution to PTA activities.
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                Oakcrest PTA Membership
Annual Membership Drive
Welcome back to school!  On behalf of the Oakcrest PTA, we hope that you had a
wonderful summer!  Now that school’s back in session, it’s time for our annual PTA Membership
Drive. Our membership theme this year is
“Our PTA Members Are Our Treasures.”

There is a treasure box on the PTA bulletin board (next to the gym).  Each child that has a parent,
guardian, grandparent, neighbor, etc. join the PTA, will get a coin with their 1st name to add to our
membership treasures.  

This year, in addition to our treasures, we are having a contest between the classes.  Earning a
class prize is very simple.  

       1. Fill out the form on the envelope
(if you have more than 2 children
attending Oakcrest, please write their info on the back of the envelope).

       2. Include dues money ($6) in the envelope
(please make checks out to
Oakcrest PTA).  

       3. Return to school.  Only one form per household is necessary.

The class or classes that have the highest percentage of memberships will be awarded or
entered in a drawing to
win their teacher a $50 gift card to Walmart (only one teacher will

There is also an individual drawing.
All those who join the PTA, will be entered to
win a $100 gift card
from Walmart.  All memberships must be turned in by September 15th
to be counted toward these contests.  Drawings will be held on Monday September 18th &
winners will be notified.  If not enough information is included on the form to notify the winner,
another name will be selected.

Thank you for supporting the Oakcrest PTA.  We treasure you & your children.