Board Position Descriptions
Oakcrest Elementary PTA
If you're considering volunteering on the Oakcrest PTA board, but
would like to know a little more.  Here's a list of positions with some
brief descriptions of each.  You may also contact us with questions
using the link at the left of the page.
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Oversees the overall operations of the PTA.  Ensures that volunteers are in place
Principal and attend PTA Council meetings.

President Elect:
Assists the President with a variety of administrative needs.  Trains and prepares
to serve as PTA President the following school year.

Custodian of PTA funds and financial records.  Ensures the PTA's finances are
properly handled.  In charge of preparing and approving an annual budget.  
Maintains accurate and updated accounting of income and expenses.

Serves as support to the President.  Custodian of all non-financial records.  
Prepares meeting agendas.  Keeps minutes of motions and decisions made by
the board.

Membership VP:
Conducts membership drives that encourage parents to join the PTA.  Collects
and processes membership forms and dues.  Keeps a record of members.

Legislative VP:
Remain informed of relevant legislative information through meetings,
publications, internet, and other media.  Attends legislative meetings and
activities.  Updates board on current issues.
Executive Board
Education Commission
Safety Commission
Community Involvement Commission
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Family Life Commission
Health Commission
Individual Development Commission
values, and talents.  Supports committee members in charge of specific

Reflections Chair:
Promote the Reflections program. Collects student entries with proper
documentation.  Arranges for judging of local entries.  Facilitates submission of
entries to the PTA council.

Melody Choir coordinator:
Plans, promotes, and conducts a weekly music class where children sing and use
simple instruments.  Chooses pieces for participating students to rehearse.  
Arranges for a performance near the end of the school year.

Great Artist Program Chair:
Coordinates volunteers and maintains art supplies.  Schedules monthly sessions
with teachers.

Field Day Coordinator:
Plans Field day sports/activites for event at end of the school year.  Organizes
volunteers to run activities.
Evaluates educational needs that PTA can support.  Determines programs that
can meet these needs. Puts programs into action such as Book Fairs, Literacy
Night Event, and Breakfast with Books.  May delegate responsibility for these
events to other committee members.

Committee Members:
Individuals in charge of and assisting with Events such as Breakfast with Books,
Literacy Night, and Book Fairs.

Road to Success Representative:
Works with teachers assigned to the program to promote reward based reading
for students.
Plans, promotes, and carries out safety weeks that teach and encourage
pedestrian safety, drug safety, media safety, and bully prevention.  May delegate
responsibilities to other committee members.  Also performs a once-a-year check
Committee Members:
Assists safety commissioner with preparations and arrangements for safety
weeks including the printing and distributing of flyers to send home with students.
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Plans, promotes, and carries out activities that encourage positive family
relations within the school community.  Activities may include events such as a
family art/culture night or a "bring your family to school" week.  May work with a
committee and delegate tasks in organizing these events.