Cultural Night
Oakcrest Elementary PTA
                    PTA Program Information
Yes, the PTA does that!
The following list provides brief descriptions of all the great
Events, activities, and programs that the PTA provides for
students to enjoy and benefit from.
Collections for Education
Families can collect  "box tops" and  Campbell's Soup labels
from products they use at home. The labels can then be sent
in to the school with students.  The PTA turns in these
collections for money or free merchandise that helps to
support the programs and events we run during the school
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Safety Commission
Education Commission
Individual Development Commission
Community Involvement Commission
Health Commission
Pedestrian Safety/Green Ribbon week:  
A week of  fun activities is planned that teach and encourage the use of safe
assembly and a walk or ride your bike to school day.

Drug Safety/Red Ribbon Week:
During this week, information and activities are presented to encourage students to
avoid drugs and alcohol.

Media Safety Week (formerly internet safety/white ribbon week):
Activities and literature are provided that teach safe practices and encourage
students to follow these when using phones, internet, online gaming, and other

Bully Prevention Campaign:
Activities are planned and information supplies to help students recognize
inappropriate behavior, to avoid engaging in such behavior, and be prepared to
appropriately respond to this behavior from others.

Classroom Emergency Kits:
The PTA performs an annual check on the kits located in each classroom to keep
them stocked and updated.
An early morning event held twice a year to promote reading.  Students come to
school before classes begin to enjoy donuts and juice while they read books they
have brought from home.

Book Fairs:
Oakcrest PTA partners with A+ Book Fairs to provide students and their families to
add new books to their home libraries at an affordable cost.  Students can get
excited about new material to read.

Literacy Night:
Families can come together and enjoy a fun event that promotes reading and good

Road to Success:
A state literacy program that Oakcrest participates in.  Sudents are offered
incentives for achieving specific reading goals.
musical composition.  They can prepare and submit entries that follow a given
theme for local recognition.  Winners may move on to the regional, state, and
national levels.

Soaring Eagle:
Students are awarded for going the extra mile.  They are provided with a set of
accomplishments to complete during the school year to earn this award.  The lists
vary by grade.

Melody Choir:
Students interested in participating meet once each week outside school hours to
learn musical pieces involving voice and simple instruments.  They give a final
performance near the end of the school year.

Great Artist Program:
Volunteers help students during school hours experience great art and then
produce their own masterpieces.

Field Day:
At the end of each school year, students enjoy a fun filled day of physical activity
and friendly competition.  It encourages cooperation and good health.
Teacher Appreciation:
Near the end of each school year, Oakcrest PTA plans one week dedicated to
honoring our teachers.  We treat them to special meals and other activities designed
to show our appreciation for all their hard work and what they do for our students.  
Students can also bring in their own tokens of appreciation.

Annual Food Drive:
Students and families can contribute to a collection of canned or boxed food items to
be donated to needy families.  Grades enjoy competing to see which one can collect
the most.

Restaurant Spirit Nights:
Families can show their school spirit and support of PTA programs by eating out at a
partner establishment on scheduled dates and times.  The Partner establishment
donates a percentage of sales from the event date to Oakcrest PTA.
students prepare for what to expect as they continue to grow.