The Oakcrest Parent-Teacher Association brings you and your
children many wonderful events each year and enriches the school
in many ways. This is made possible by parent volunteers working
together to serve our students and school community.

Many hands make light work.  You can make a great contribution to
our school with whatever time and ability you feel you have to offer.  
Be a part of what's happening at Oakcrest.

If you don't know us...give us the chance to get to know you.
We can help you find something that fits the time and talent you have
to give -- from making handing out
planning a safety week -- there's something for everyone.

If you would like to become involved in the PTA...but just don't know
where you fit in.  Please contact the PTA from the link below....we'd
love to help you get involved.
Oakcrest Elementary PTA
without volunteers to make them happen.  We need you!  
Please volunteer today.
General Volunteer
Current Volunteer Opportunities: